Possible process for digital storytelling

Consider a modified inquiry cycle:
  • Purpose
    • What story do you want to tell?
  • Plan
    • How are you going to tell your story?
    • What points do you want to highlight?
    • What is your audience?
    • What are you going to say?
  • Research/collection/creation
    • What media are you going to use?
    • How are you going to collect it?
    • What sources do you need? Permissions?
    • What are you going to use to edit?
  • Sharing
    • How are you getting this to your audience?
    • How do you want your audience to engage with the work?
  • Reflection

Tools for Brainstorming / Script Writing / Storyboarding

  1. Google Docs
  2. Etherpad

Key Concepts

  1. Story Arc / Dramatic Structure