What is a Pecha Kucha?

A 20 slide multimedia presentation, narrated for 20 seconds per slide or a total of 6 minutes, 40 seconds.
  1. Learn more on WikiPedia.
  2. See an example, "What I Hope You Learned in this Class" (by Wesley Fryer, spring 2010)
  3. Why All Learners Need Laptops Now! (by Wesley Fryer, fall 2010)
  4. More examples from .pecha-kucha.org

Why Create Pecha Kucha Presentations?

  1. We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint (NYT 26 April 2010)
  2. PowerPoint Abuse - Presentation Zen is an answer!
  3. Intro Video: Life After Death By PowerPoint (4 min, 24 sec - YouTube)

Assignment Steps

  1. Select 20 images / photos using a copyright friendly image source (save the URL / website as you go - see sources below)
  2. Build your presentation:
    1. Download those 20 images to a folder on your computer. (REMEMBER TO SAVE HIGH RESOLUTION VERSIONS!)
    2. Create a new PowerPoint with all 20 images (Insert-Pictures-Photo Album. You can select as many files as you want from your folders.)
    3. Either:
      1. Include a final credits slide, listing websites you used
      2. Include the link/URL to your pictures on each slide.
    4. Optional: Upload your presentation to Google Docs (as a Google Presentation) - Make sure you save your PowerPoint as a PPT 2003-2007 file - Google Docs does not like .pptx files!

Copyright Friendly Image Sources

See the resource page: Talk with Media - Using Copyright-Friendly Images
  1. Flickr Creative Commons
  2. Compfight - 1 page PDF handout available
  3. More image search sources from Storychasers
  4. More image search sources from Joyce Valenza: Playing with Images
  5. Google Images Advanced Search does permit filtering by license


  1. How to Use Compfight to Save Images and their website addresses (5 min screencast - also use the 1 page handout!)
  2. Make a PowerPoint with 20 photos FAST (2 min screencast)
  3. Creative Commons and Flickr (blog post)