This was the script we used for the video, "The Hobbit in 5 Minutes"

1 Hobbiton peaceful
The Hobbit is the story of Bilbo Baggins, who lived a peaceful life in Hobbiton in his Hobbit hole, Bag End, until he decided to embark on a great adventure.

2 Dwarf adventure encounter
One day, Gandalf the wizard came to visit Bilbo and brought a band of gold-loving dwarves to his home. Gandalf convinced the dwarves, led by Thorin Oakenshield, to hire Biblo as the burglar for their quest to kill the dragon Smaug who had taken over the kingdom of Thorin's grandfather in the Lonely Mountain.

3 Trolls
On the first leg of their journey, the band ran into three trolls who almost ate them. Fortunately Gandalf tricked the trolls into arguing about how to eat the dwarves, and they turned to stone when the sun rose. They found lots of gold and some magical swords in the troll's cave.

4 Rivendell
The party went to Rivendell where the elven lord Elrond lived, and sought his advice for their journey. Elrond warned them to be careful as they crossed the Misty Mountains.

5 Goblins
After leaving Rivendell, the dwarf / wizard / hobbit band sought refuge in a cave in a mountain pass, and was captured by a band of evil goblins. Gandalf used magic to kill the leader and free their group, but Bilbo become separated from the others.

6 Gollum
Bilbo found his way in the dark of the goblin tunnels to Gollum's cave, where he found a magical ring which made him invisible. Bilbo narrowly escaped from Gollum by winning a game of Riddles.

7 Beorn
After escaping from the Goblins, the party was assisted by Beorn who fed them at his house and guided them to the edge of Mirkwood forest. Gandalf left the dwarves and Bilbo at this point to attend to other business.

8 Spiders
In Mirkwood, the party ran into some giant spiders who nearly ate them. Bilbo used his magic ring and small sword, which he nicknamed "Sting," to free the dwarves from the hungry spiders.

9 Wood elves
After escaping from the spider's clutches, the dwarves were captured by the Wood elves. Bilbo again saved the day, freeing them by hiding the dwarves in barrels which floated out of the Wood eleves fortress.

10 Lake Town
The party arrived at last to Lake Town, which lay at the foot of the Lonely mountain. The people were very excited the dwarves had returned to kill the dragon, Smaug, and liberate his fabled hoard of gold.

11 Door and Smaug
At the lonely mountain, the dwarves used an ancient map to find a secret entrance. Thorin gave Bilbo a priceless set of chain mail made of mithril, and Bilbo (unbeknownst to Thorin) took the priceless Arkenstone gem for himself from the gigantic dragon hoard. Biblo used his magic ring to sneak up on Smaug, but enraged him by stealing a golden goblet.

12 Death by Bard
Smaug emerged from his lair in the mountain and destroyed laketown with his fire, but was killed himself by a well aimed arrow shot by Bard of Laketown.

13 Siege
The people of Laketown joined the elves of Mirkwood and laid siege to the dwarves who barricated themselves in the Lonely Mountain after the dragon was killed. Bilbo tried to negotiate a compromise using the Arkenstone, but Thorin was stubborn and refused to give up any of his gold.

14 Battle of 5 Armies
The impasse ended when an army of goblins arrived on the scene, and started the Battle of five armies. This involved goblins, elves, men, dwarves, and the eagles who finally arrived with Beorn to save the day.