Planning, Organizing, Facilitating and Assessing Student MultiMedia Projects

Project-based learning with multimedia involves many elements, both pedagogical and technological. Rubrics are essential tools for assessing student video / digital storytelling / multimedia projects.

Video Project Task Outlines

  1. Storytelling Map and Storyboard (Celebrate Oklahoma Voices)
  2. Transformative digital story: Conserving Water Resources(for Grade 11 Chemistry Project)
  3. Audio Podcast: Why am I taking this class? (for G11 Environmental Science)
  4. Transformative digital story: World Hunger Project (for G11 Theory of Knowledge) and sample of the daily production notes
  5. Concept Teaching: Biology Experiment Planner


  1. Assessment Guides / Rubrics from Digitales by Bernajean Porter
  2. Transformative digital story: Students assessing other students (example of student peer-evaluations)
  3. Transformative digital story: World Hunger project peer evaluations
  4. Visual Essay: Teacher and student self assessment
  5. Concept Teaching: Biology experiment using Voicethread

Project Based Learning

  1. PBL Resources from the Buck Institute for Education
  2. PBL Resources from EduTopia