Tell A Story in Frames

Focusing on JUST the visual aspect of digital storytelling can be an effective way to develop skills and focus attention on the visual power of media.
  1. Tell a Story in 5 Photos for Educators (Based on Tell a Story in 5 Frames - Visual Storytelling)
  2. Example: Getting a New Haircut (also available as a VoiceThread version)
  3. Example: It's a Dog's Life
  4. Example: The Great Pumpkin
  5. 5 Frame Story Ideas and Examples

5 Photo Stories blog (on Posterous)

Posterous is a free website which permits users to post content online using EMAIL. Consider setting up a Posterous blog, and emailing your five photos to your blog (using the email address "" without quotation marks) to share them.

We've created a Posterous "team blog" students and educators can use for this purpose if desired:

This a "team blog" on Posterous: We did this by changing the setting for "Posting and Commenting" so "Anyone can post, I will moderate."

Just email your 5 photos to and your photos will show up on this site, AFTER one of the site administrators moderates / approves them!